Bayrag Buta

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Metal - 925 Sterling Silver

Buta Collection

It came from a distant past, as an expression of the essence of ancient religions and later became an element of oriental decor in different forms and shapes.

Эта модель вдохновлена древним мотивом под названием «бута» и флагом Азербайджанской Республики, принятым в 1918 году.

Buta is the most liked Oriental motif and the name most likely derives from the Persian “boteh”, which means a shrub that looks like a thistle. The meaning of buta is interpreted in various ways from pine cone to palm crown to flame, which had religious significance as a symbol of immanence and eternal life. Thus, according to the latter interpretation, to give someone a piece decorated with buta is akin to wishing long life and lasting memory.