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Metal - 14 K Gold

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Carpet Collection

As the first Azerbaijani jewelry brand, Resm presents its unique collection inspired by ornaments and designs of Azerbaijani carpets.

This item is inspired by Afshan compositions. Though widely used in architecture, book design, embroidery and other forms of decorative arts, it is in carpets that Afshan patterns have found its most expressive medium.

Carpets styles of note based on Afshan compositions are Khila-Afshan (Baku, Azerbaijan), Bijar (Georgia), Herat (Afghanistan) and a few others. Afshans are considered some of the most accomplished and splendid carpet compositions.

The ornamental elements in this model derive from patterns of the middle ground of the Afshan rugs, comprising spiralling tree branches that carpet-makers call bichek. Spirals are decorated with small and medium-size elements characteristic of the Afshans. Both simple and complex spirals finish with an element named sonluq (ending). Because it looks somewhat like a fish, Azerbaijani and Iranian carpet-makers call it balyg or mahi ('fish' in Azerbaijani and Persian, respectively).