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Metal - 925 Sterling Silver

Carpet Collection

As the first Azerbaijani jewelry brand, Resm presents its unique collection inspired by ornaments and designs of Azerbaijani carpets.

This model is inspired by margin strips of Arjiman carpets, considered to be some of the best specimens of the Shirvan carpet school, popular since the Middle Ages.

Western travelers to the region extolled artistic merits of the Shirvans, and European painters of the Renaissance represented these carpets on their canvases. Margins of the carpets were believed to protect images and ornaments at the heart of a carpet – in the middle. Four sides of the Arjiman margin symbolize four sides of the world and four arcs represent ram horns. Rams and sheep (Ovis aries) constituted the main livelihood of Eurasian nomads and, as such, symbolize fertility and wealth.