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Metal - 14 K Gold

Carpet Collection

As the first Azerbaijani jewelry brand, Resm presents its unique collection inspired by ornaments and designs of Azerbaijani carpets.

This ring was inspired by the Arjiman carpet. The central medallion is believed to be an improvisation of four ram's horn motifs.

Rams and sheep (Ovis aries) constituted the main livelihood of Eurasian nomads and, as such, symbolize fertility and wealth. The ring is also decorated by images of opposing fantastic birds, tulips and an S-element – all found in the same carpet.

Some researchers suggest that the S symbolizes a serpent or dragon, deriving ultimately from Chinese dragon motifs. Others suggest that S-shaped ornaments resemble a funnelled flow of water and thus hint at a settleddown, ameliorated way of life or, according to other interpretations, at fertility and immortality.

Fantastic birds denote heaven and immortality.