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Metal - 14 K Gold

Carpet Collection

As the first Azerbaijani jewelry brand, Resm presents its unique collection inspired by ornaments and designs of Azerbaijani carpets.

This delicate piece was inspired by a classic Gonaghend design, an intricate mosaic of interwoven elements based on conjoined hexagons.

The Gonaghend pattern is arguably the most intricate and complex of all Caucasian field designs. It is almost certainly rooted in the 'Lotto' designs of sixteenth-century Turkish Ushak rugs from Turkey/Anatolia (an intricate lattice tracery pattern featuring conjoined hexagons; so called because of its depiction in paintings by the sixteenth-century artist Lorenzo Lotto).

Various bird or animal forms may be identified in Gonaghend patterns; whether these are intentional trompe l'oeil or accidental imagery on the part of the weaver. In this specific design, it is possible to see confronting human being forms. The Gonaghend carpets belongs to the Guba group of Azerbaijan's Guba-Shirvan carpet-weaving center.