Tea Ceremony

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Metal - 14 K Gold

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Tea ceremony is one of the ancient traditions in Azerbaijan.

From official receptions to wedding ceremonies, tea ceremony is perceived as a symbol of warmth and hospitality. Azerbaijanis often use traditional armudu (pear-shaped) glass you can find on the brooch. Azerbaijanis say about tea “Çay nədir, say nədir” which can be translated as “when you drink tea, the cup count doesn't matter ”.

Tea is served continuously when there are guests or when there is an interesting conversation. Sometimes thyme, mint or rose water is added, which is believed to be good for the stomach and heart. To our jewellery piece, we also added pakhlava and shekerbura, traditional sweets in Azerbaijan cooked with hazelnuts or Circassian walnut, milled carnation, cardamom, crocus.