Elements of Life: Water

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Metal - 14 K Gold

Inspiration Collection

Inspiration... A unique condition of a person, moving on the top level of realization of his talent. It comes from within yourself, so, one will never confuse it with something else…

In 2016 Resm jewelry brand organized drawing competition among children called “My painting” (“Mənim rəsmim”, which echoes the name of the brand).

This model is inspired by the drawing “National elements of life” by Huseyn Hajiyev, the contestant. Huseyn describes his work as the following: “My drawing is inspired by three objects: four elements, pomegranate and buta. Pomegranate means fertility, four elements symbolize life.On this charm is depicted the element of wind. Buta is our national motif. I depicted national elements of life by combining three objects”