Flower and Pomegranate

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Pomegranate Collection

The King of all fruits in the East, rich in symbolism and can be found in numerous cultures and main religions. Pomegranate differs with its majestic features and has been associated with legendary powers for centuries.

Flowers, which are a popular design in the Oriental rug as a main or filler motif usually, represent the gardens of paradise. White flower is a symbol of innocence whereas red flower is a symbol of love.

Pomegranate is one of the powerful ancient symbols. This remarkable fruit is rich in symbolism and is found in numerous traditions and main religions.

In Judaism, the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness because it is said to have 613 seeds, which corresponds with the 613 mitzvot, or commandments, of the Torah. In Judaism, the pomegranate represents fruitfulness, knowledge and wisdom. In Christianity, the pomegranate is a symbol of the resurrection and the hope of eternal life.

In Chinese symbolism pomegranates symbolize fertility for this fruit is full of seeds. There are several references to pomegranates in Qur'an. Legend states that each pomegranate contains one seed (aril) from the pomegranate in paradise.

Like in many other applied arts, pomegranate is depicted in carpets throughout Asia and the Middle East. It is the symbol of fertility.