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Wheels of history Collection

The collection is dedicated to the regions of Azerbaijan. It exhibits the beauty of every corner of the country, reflecting the cultural riches and diversity of all different areas of Azerbaijan.

The model is devoted to the ceramic art of Gabala city. Earthenware dating back to the 14-16th centuries was found here during excavations.

Gabala is an ancient city, over 2000 years old, and for 600 years was a capital city of Caucasian Albania, the state mentioned in 1st century sources, in the ‘Natural History’ of Pliny the Elder. Later the city was mentioned by the name of Khazar in Arab sources, since the city had a status of an administrative unit within the Khazar Empire. The first tiled roofs and ceramic plates remains from ancient times were found in Gabala.

In the archaeological layer of the city dating back to the period between the 9 and 13th centuries, a great number of fireplaces, tandoor bread ovens, wells, underground water channels made of ceramic pipes, as well as glazed ceramic products unique to the period were found. This means we can assume that pottery, jewellery and other types of art, alongside with agriculture and horticulture have played an important part in the economy of the city since ancient times.