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Metal - 14K Gold

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Wheels of history Collection

The collection is dedicated to the regions of Azerbaijan. It exhibits the beauty of every corner of the country, reflecting the cultural riches and diversity of all different areas of Azerbaijan.

The model is dedicated to the pomegranate, a fruit known as the ‘King of Fruits’, a symbol of a number of religions and cultures.

The city of Goychay, situated in the Shirvan valley, is one of the main centres of pomegranate growing in Azerbaijan. The city was built in the 15th century to resettle the population who moved from Garaman Baylarbaylik (in modern-day Turkey) to this region. In the 19th century people suffered by the Shamakhi earthquake were also displaced to this area.

The name of the city (which means ‘blue river’) signifies the clear water of the river which runs through the city. Pomegranates have been the main income of the local population for centuries, because of the favourable climate and fertile soil. All the known pomegranate types are cultivated in Goychay. The ‘Pomegranate Festival’ celebrating the centuries-old pomegranate culture is held annually during the harvest period.