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Wheels of history Collection

The collection is dedicated to the regions of Azerbaijan. It exhibits the beauty of every corner of the country, reflecting the cultural riches and diversity of all different areas of Azerbaijan.

A number of characteristic elements of the southern regions of Azerbaijan can be found in the model inspired by this part of the country.

One of these is the Crab ornament, widely used as a central element on the Talysh carpet. Lankaran is named as a human settlement in the writings of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. Although there are a number of explanations for the toponym Lankaran, it is usually taken to mean ‘an anchorage’ in translation from the Persian language. Indeed, Lankaran has been known as the most important trading port in Azerbaijani territory since ancient times. The city was included into the Talysh khanate along with Masally, Lerik and other areas in this region in 1743.

A number of ancient monuments were found during archaeological excavations in this area; this model shows the sword, symbolizing masculinity, which was also discovered in these excavations. Favourable climate conditions and fertile soil have turned the Talysh region into an exporter of subtropical plants and fruits – and this is referenced in the lemons and tea leaves depicted in this model. As well as this, the Hyrcan reserve, which is in the territory of Lankaran, is home to the unique ironwood tree depicted on this model.