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Metal - 14K Gold

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Wheels of history Collection

The collection is dedicated to the regions of Azerbaijan. It exhibits the beauty of every corner of the country, reflecting the cultural riches and diversity of all different areas of Azerbaijan.

The model is dedicated to the ‘Shadda’ pileless carpets woven in Nakhchivan.

Nakhchivan, known in myth as the first resting-place of Noah’s ark, has been celebrated for its decorative and applied art work since ancient times. Cities such as Nakhchivan, Ordubad and Julpha have been centres of weaving for both piled and pileless carpets, made of wool and silk, for many centuries.This area was one of the stops along the Silk Road, and towers were erected in the city to protect the city and passing merchants from robbers and marauderers. Being located at the crossroads of trade routes, the local population developed their own characteristic culture and way of life, and this is reflected in the ornaments of the Nakhchivan carpets.

The model also reflects motifs from domestic ware found in archeological excavations in Nakhchivan. Ornaments from the Momine Khatun Mausoleum, a masterpiece by the great medieval architect Ajami Nakhchivani, inspired a second Nakhchivan model.