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Metal - 14K Gold

Only with chain
Wheels of history Collection

The collection is dedicated to the regions of Azerbaijan. It exhibits the beauty of every corner of the country, reflecting the cultural riches and diversity of all different areas of Azerbaijan.

The model was inspired by the famous Khizi carpets belonging to Baku group of Azerbaijani carpets.

Khizi is one of the regions of Azerbaijan with rich history. The population of Khizi is believed to be settled here from Khuzistan province of Iran in early middle ages in order to provide for security of the northern borders of the Sassanid Empire. Most probably, the toponym derives from the name of that province.

This region has characteristic flora and fauna. Zoomorphic depictions commonly found in Khizi carpets resemble the beautiful nature of the region. Additionally, an element with a tree of life component and other geometrical patterns depicted on the presented model were completely inspired by the abstract composition of the Khizi carpet.